Specialty & Enrichment Camps

During the warmer summer months, every student looks forward to a break from the demands of a busy school year. Along with the relaxation and joy that come with summer freedom, it is important to keep children active, engaged, and social. Tatnall’s Specialty and Enrichment camps provide the perfect opportunity for children to develop life skills, gain confidence, and try new things.


Chess Camp



Chess Masters of Delaware - Gregory Rogers

Learn chess with the Chess Masters of Delaware team! Advance your current skills or learn the fundamental strategies of chess and how to apply them consistently throughout the game. Campers will learn to play chess and develop strong critical thinking skills.


Week 0: June 13-17

Week 5: July 18-22

Week 9: August 15-19

Times: 9 A.M. to 3 P.M.

Cost: $325

Grades: 1-12

Art Camps

Image by Earl Wilcox


Time to get messy in the Ceramics room! Campers will get to experience the use of our pottery wheels, new raku kiln, and much more in the ceramics room! As well as doing a couple 2D mix-media painting projects and everyone’s favorite making custom slime! Please wear old clothing or bring a smock you don’t mind getting dirty.


*Clay projects will be available for pick-up starting August 17th, 2022 in the Beekley Lobby.



Week 7: August 1-5

Times: 9 A.M. to Noon

Grades: 2-6

Costs: $215

Megan Acevedo

Nature Art


Interested in learning about Earth Art and Upcycled Art? This class will give young artists the opportunity to experiment and play with unique materials while creating artwork that will beautify the world around them!



Week 3: July 5-9 

Times: 9 A.M. to Noon

Grades: 4-6

Cost: $215

Sam Salazar


The Art of Skateboarding

For the first time ever a skateboarding camp is coming to Tatnall! Dust your boards, knee pads, and helmets off for this action-packed camp! The mornings will be split between learning beginning to intermediate level tricks and the artsy side of skate culture. We will be getting our hands messy learning graffiti, sticker art, and using the new Ceramics Raku Kiln! Safety is a must for this camp! All art supplies will be provided but campers need to bring their own skateboard, helmet, and protective gear (knee/elbow pads). All levels are welcome. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions at meganacevedo@tatnall.org.



Week 9: August 15-19 

Times: 9 A.M. to Noon

Grades: 3-6

Cost: $225

Mr. & Mrs. Acevedo

Dance, Music & Theater Camps


The Werkshop

Beat Addikts - Todd Munoz

If hip-hop instruction is what you seek this summer, then The Werkshop is the place for you! Instructors Debbie Apalucci and Todd Munoz will focus on building each camper’s hip-hop technique, choreography capabilities and performance quality. This camp will end with a special performance for friends and family.

Dates: Week 4: July 11-15

Times: 9 A.M. to 4 P.M.

Grades: 2-8

Costs: $325 


Musical Theater

Best Broadway - Shauna Goodman

Ready for something new and exciting!!??  Missing performing and live theater!?  Do you LOVE going to the theater to watch all the exciting dance and musical numbers in shows?!  Then we have the PERFECT way to spend your summer!  Come to Tatnall's BRAND NEW Musical Theater Specialty Camp - featuring favorite songs from Broadway Musicals, A great way to add to your audition repertoire, learning the foundations of theater, new dance steps, and more!  Learn how to go through an audition process and through a fun week of rehearsal! Spend the summer with Shauna Goodman and come out a brand new performer with a new understanding and love for theater!  There will be a performance every Friday of what we learned throughout the week!  Each student will be featured in their own special way and will learn to shine like the star they have the potential to be!   


  • Week 1: Family Favorites

  • Week 2: Broadway Backward

  • Week 5: Broadway Favorites Intensive

  • Week 6: Family Favorites

  • Week 7: Disney Week


Dates & Grades:

Week 1: June 20-24 for Grades 1-12

Week 2: June 27-July 1 for Grades 1-12

Week 5: July 18-22 for Grades 6-12

Week 6: July 25-29 for Grades 1-12

Week 7: August 1-5 for PK4-1 (9A.M.-Noon only)

Times: 9 A.M. to 3 P.M.

Costs: $375 


Pirates & Mermaids: A Theatrical Adventure

Child Drama Workshops

Ahoy me hearties and get ready to set sail for adventure and fun! With “Pirates and Mermaids: A Theatrical Adventure,” your child will be in store for non-stop fun and excitement. Through our interactive, creative, and theatre based games, taught by our trained staff of actor-educators, you will see your child become a fearsome pirate, a beautiful mermaid, or even a perilous sea creature. Thrills and opportunity lay on the horizon when your child sets sail for “Pirates and Mermaids!” In addition to our professional direction, stage make-up, costume accessories, trained acting teacher(s) and a souvenir program. Your child will also learn stage combat from trained acting teachers and professionals in the theatre world and a play will be shared on Friday!

Dates: Week 0: June 13-17

Times: 9 A.M. to 3 P.M.

Grades: K-5

Costs: $410 


Curious George: Scenes From The Collected Works

Child Drama Workshops

Get ready to “Monkey Around,” in the best way! Based on the hit books, and current hit T.V. show, “Curious George: The Play” will spark your child’s artistic creativity and curiosity! Come join George and the man in the big yellow hat, as you set off for fun and valuable life lessons. The creative process is play based and improvisational, so as to maintain spontaneity and growing minds within our campers. “Curious George: The Play” will also include some artistic, tactile and crafting fun! All plays include professional direction, stage make-up, costume accessories, trained acting teacher(s) and a souvenir program.

Dates: Week 4: July 11-15

Times: 9 A.M. to Noon.

Grades: PK4-1

Costs: $310 


Charlotte's Web: The Play

Child Drama Workshops

The classic tale of love, friendship and learning to be oneself is brought to life with “Charlotte’s Web: The Play!” Give big salutations and greetings as all of your favorite childhood characters return to teach us all what it truly means to care for others. With hands on theatre and performance experience, your children will fill the roles of Wilbur, Charlotte and all of their barnyard friends! Teambuilding theatre and improv games will give your children the skills they need to build confidence and put on a full theatre show! All plays include professional direction, choreography, stage make-up, costume accessories, trained acting teacher(s) and a souvenir program.   

Dates: Week 5: July 18-22

Times: 9 A.M. to 3 P.M.

Grades: 2-5

Costs: $420 


Broadway Review, Old & New: Musical Fun

Child Drama Workshops

“Come on along and listen to the lullaby of Broadway!” Give your child the gift of music and song this summer as we present, “Broadway Review, Old & New: Musical Fun!” Allow your child to learn about the quintessential songs from ground-breaking Broadway shows of the past, while also looking ahead to the current Broadway hits of today, such as “Honk!” “Frozen,” and “Shrek!” In addition to our professional direction, stage make-up, costume accessories, trained acting teacher(s) and a souvenir program, your child will also be under the guidance of trained vocal and choreography teachers and a showcase will be presented on Friday! All levels of experience are accepted and encouraged to register. Strike up the band and let’s get to singing!

Dates: Week 7: August 1-5

Times: 9 A.M. to 3 P.M.

Grades: K-5

Costs: $450 


101 Dalmatians: A Classic Retelling

Child Drama Workshops

All of your favorite dogs will come to canine life when your child takes part in “101 Dalmatians: A Classic Retelling!” Your child will be able to take on the rolls of favorites like Pongo and Purdy, but let us not forget all of their wonderful spotted children! With no end to our furry friends' insight, your child will easily become immersed in the creative and performance-based world of theatre. Delight as they grow, perform, and truly transform themselves into “man’s best friend.” “101 Dalmatians: A Classic Retelling” will also include some artistic, tactile, and crafting fun! All plays include professional direction, stage make-up, costume accessories, trained acting teacher(s), and a souvenir program.

Dates: Week 8: August 8-12

Times: 9 A.M. to Noon

Grades: PK4-1st

Costs: $310 

Enrichment Camps

LU Real Logo.jpg

Language University

Lia Andrews

Imagine learning Spanish by flying to outer space, having snowball fights in the summer, and traveling to the time of the dinosaurs! Experience Spanish in a whole new and magical way!  Join Language U's Ms. Lia for a camp full of top-secret missions, original music and creative crafts! Whether your children are seeing Spanish for the first time or they are keeping up with their language foundation, Language U promises to keep your campers motivated, entertained, and learning from start to finish. 




Dates: Week 1: June 20-24

Times: 9:00 A.M. to Noon

Grades: PK4-1st

Costs: $215


English Prep

Steve Wermus

Energize your  9th or 10th grade student’s brain with a Humanities readiness course to get a jump on the 2021-22 school year!  This experience exposes students to the idea that there are multiple ways to learn and encourages them to explore ways that they can use their unique learning strengths to improve academic success.  Excitingly, we will focus on recent advances in neuroscience as applied to the classroom. See www.learningandthebrain.com to get a sense of what’s in store.  We will also work on developing grit—task persistence—and a growth mindset, rigorously proven pathways to achievement.   Special focus will be given to developing reading comprehension and writing tools, in addition to practical organization, note-taking, and traditional “study” and test-preparation skills.  The course will finish by asking the students to apply their nascent skills to their Humanities summer reading texts and 9th and 10th grade course textbooks, giving students a head-start on authentic initial reading and writing assignments, so they can hit the ground running at Tatnall.


The course instructor, Steve Wermus, has taught English for 25 years, 18 of them at Tatnall.  He is known for energy and enthusiasm and for making learning provoking and fun.  He looks forward to helping your student achieve!





Dates: August 15-19

Times: 11:30 A.M. to 1 P.M.

Grades: 9-10

Costs: $200

Math Formulas

Math Prep

Alex Nestor

Jump start your school year with a one week crash course in all things algebra and geometry. This class will explore the main topics that are used in the higher math courses here at Tatnall, using various online and hard-cover resources to practice essential skills. We will specifically focus on the most effective note taking skills in mathematics, and how they can personally use these to best prepare for tests and quizzes in the future.

The course instructor, Alex Nestor, is entering his 3rd year of teaching, 2nd at Tatnall. He has taught all levels of Upper School Math, and is known for his love of math and his excitement when tackling new problems.  He can’t wait to get started this summer!





Dates: August 22-26

Times: 11:30 A.M. to 1 P.M.

Grades: 9-10

Costs: $200