Exploration and Self-Discovery for Students Entering Grades 2 through 5

Tatnall’s Traditional Day Camp offers endless opportunities for exploration, self-discovery, innovation, and FUN for students entering grades two through five. Through camp-wide assemblies, pool time, theme-specific STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) activities, social interaction, and teamwork, campers will have fun, make friends, and have just the right amount of learning to ward off the summer slump.

Traditional Day Camp

School’s Out. Surf’s Up! What better way to kick off the summer than with a beach party? Enjoy classic beach activities like ultimate frisbee, volleyball, sandcastle building competitions, and even catching some waves in our pools, all while reconnecting with old friends and meeting new ones! Campers will learn about buoyancy, surface tension, gravity, and hydrodynamic forces.


Week 1: June 17-21

The Tatnall Kitchen is open and ready for business! During this sweet week, campers will blissfully bake, cheerfully chop, playfully pour, and wistfully whip through a combination of ingredients to delight anyone's pallet. Spurred on by tastes of friendly competition, this cooking-themed week will bring out the chef in everyone! Campers will learn about food types, kitchen equipment, and how ingredients are mixed to make delicious dishes. On Friday, campers will then use their foodtastic skills and creativity in Tatnall's Top Chef Competition.


Week 2: June 24-28

A whole week’s worth of fun packed into three days! Campers will travel around the United States and learn what sets our favorite states apart from the rest. Fried chicken in Kentucky? Yes, please! Hula dancing in Hawaii? Sign us up! Campers will gain a better understanding of the different cultures and traditions within the United States and develop a deeper appreciation for our country as a whole. Of course, we’ll throw in good old American classics like s’mores, yard games, and a red, white, and blue parade!


Camp will be closed July 4 and 5 as we celebrate Independence Day.


Week 3: July 1-3

Calling all outside-the-box thinkers! During this technical and business-minded week, campers will use their creativity to develop a prototype that will serve as a solution to daily problems. Campers will participate in a variety of challenges designed to provoke creative thinking and problem-solving. They will dive into the creative process by taking an idea from their minds and use their hands to turn it into a real-world creation. Through the critical methods of design, development, testing, and troubleshooting, campers will learn to think outside the box and be resilient, all while building self-confidence. After successfully making their model, campers will act as young entrepreneurs to strategize a business plan to share and sell their model.


Week 4: June 8-12

Water makes up 72% of the Earth and 100% of this week’s activities! Campers will experiment and have fun with water across all modes this week - from arts and crafts to science experiments to new games in and around the pool. Campers will dive into activities like splatter paint, building boats of unusual materials, and making their own snow cones! Teamwork and innovation will flow through all of our activities, science experiments, and crafts this week to demonstrate the wonders of water.  


Week 5: June 15-19

Campers will travel back in time for our favorite blasts from the past! From a 50s style hula hoop contest to 70s tie-dye and silly bands from the 2000s, we’ll be throwing it way back and experiencing the thrills of different fads, themes, and music from various decades. Campers will gain an appreciation for times past and maybe encourage you to pull those bell bottoms out again!


Week 6: July 22-26

The most anticipated week of camp every year - Color Wars! While our campers may be temporarily divided into teams for the week, they become closer than ever as they use the skills they’ve learned throughout the summer to play, compete, create, and perform their way to victory! Although the Color Wars atmosphere is one of competition, this week stresses sportsmanship, spirit, and camaraderie. This week-long competition leads to life-long friendships, lessons, and memories!


Week 7: July 29 - August 2

Who doesn’t love a challenge? Campers will use their knowledge and imagination to create solutions for different fun and wacky challenges each day. From minute to win it games to building a boat with limited and unusual materials, all missions are aimed at teaching teamwork and encouraging and appreciating innovative thinking. Your mission IS possible: have fun!


Week 8: August 5-9

The week that trusts campers to choose their own adventures! Do a science experiment or learn a new game? Have a cannonball contest or a talent show? It’s up to the campers! We’ll bring back some of the campers’ favorite activities, games, and challenges from throughout the summer to send the season out with a bang!


Week 9: August 12-16