Junior Day Camp

Innovation and Fun for Curious Minds in PK3 through Grade 1

Tatnall’s Junior Day Camp balances character development with active exploration to encourage kind, thoughtful, curious individuals. Open to students entering PK3 through first grade, we offer a developmentally-appropriate curriculum carefully balanced with exploration and discovery to encourage problem-solving, creativity, and awareness.

A Tatnall Summer promotes each campers’ development of key social skills such as sharing and cooperating while advancing academic foundations in language, literacy, science, and math through hands-on learning and intentional play. Additionally, each full-day camper will receive swim lessons during their daily trip to the pool.

Dive into the thrills of scientific discovery! Campers will be transported to a virtual underwater paradise where they’ll learn all about biology, ecology, and oceanography to better understand our Earth’s vast oceans and the spectacular creatures who live in them. Campers will explore the habitats and adaptations of sea animals, investigate how to create the perfect wave, and gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of nature in general.


Week 1: June 17-21

The Tatnall Kitchen is open and ready to cook up fun and learning! During this sweet and savory week, campers will advance basic math concepts and fine-tune motor skills as they follow recipes and measure and mix ingredients. We’ll encourage an adventurous palate, nutrition awareness, and food and kitchen safety through hands-on experiences. Campers will explore with their senses – smelling cookies baking in the oven, hearing the whisk of a mixer, watching dough rise, and finally tasting the delicious product of their hard work! 

This week is Sold Out!


Week 2: June 24-28

A whole week’s worth of fun packed into three days! Campers will travel around the United States and learn what sets our favorite states apart from the rest. Fried chicken in Kentucky? Yes, please! Hula dancing in Hawaii? Sign us up! Campers will gain a better understanding of the different cultures and traditions within the United States and develop a deeper appreciation for our country as a whole. Of course, we’ll throw in good old American classics like s’mores, yard games, and a red, white, and blue parade!


Camp will be closed July 4 and 5 as we celebrate Independence Day.


Week 3: July 1-3

Do you have a curious child? One who always asks “what is that?” or “how does that work?” At Little Innovators camp, we encourage questions and work together to create theories and formulate answers! Campers will use their creativity to think outside the box, persevere, and solve exciting problems in both traditional and innovative ways!


Week 4: July 8-12

Water makes up 72% of the Earth and 100% of this week’s activities! Water, teamwork, and innovation will flow through all of our activities, science experiments, and crafts this week to demonstrate the wonders of water. From investigating underwater habitats in our backyard pond to making rainbows to painting with watercolors, campers will dive right into learning and imagination!


Week 5: July 15-19

Campers will take a trek through the animal kingdom and go wild learning about their natural surroundings and the wild things that live there! Each day, campers will use science in fun ways to better understand the natural world around them! We’ll use investigative skills to find out what creatures live in our backyards and how wildlife interact with their ecosystem. Through environmental games, animal encounters, nature crafts, and interactive stories, campers will learn new ecological concepts and reinforce what they already know.


Week 6: July 22-26

Messy science experiments are the best kind! Campers will grow excited about the world around them as they participate in some of our favorite messy science experiments. Big (but safe!) chemical reactions? Check! Glorious, foamy messes? Check. Each day involves fun and crazy science projects and experiments that will send your camper home with an appreciation for science, but none of the mess!


Week 7: July 29 - August 2

Campers will become paleontologists-in-training and journey back in time to investigate and learn about prehistoric creatures. Through scientific observation, stories, movement games, and hands-on opportunities, campers will explore the exciting worlds of paleontology and geology. Campers will use their natural curiosities, imagination, and thinking skills to make their own discoveries about dinosaurs of the past and learn if there are still dinosaurs roaming the Earth today!


Week 8: August 5-9

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go!” Join us for a week-long celebration of reading where each day focuses on a beloved childhood favorite book or author. Campers will use their literacy skills, awareness of sounds and language, and - of course! - their imagination to bring each book to life through reenactment, arts and crafts, and body movement activities.


Week 9: August 12-16