Board the Bus

Off Campus Adventures for Rising 6-8 Graders

The unique structure of Board the Bus provides the perfect balance of enrichment challenges, physical activities, independent selection, and fun excursions to make every week an adventure! Board the Bus encourages independence and decision-making by allowing campers the freedom to choose some of their own activities and how they spend their time. We offer positive experiences that will help develop mental and social skills that are essential to succeed in high school.

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A note on field trips...

The health and safety of all campers has been and continues to be our number one priority. While we are hopeful that come Summer, trips like Hershey Park will be possible, we realize that it may not be safe or in our best interest to proceed. Therefore, we have back-up trip options and want to note that trips may be canceled or changed at any time. As we approach Summer, we will evaluate risks with our school committee of health professionals to determine safe options for campers.